Service of Information Guidance and Hospitality to Travellers

SIGHT is a network created by Mensans, for Mensans that serves as a platform for Mensans of all walks of life to meet and connect with one another. 

The initiative aims to welcome travelling Mensans to the country where they can get travel advice and recommendations from fellow Mensans. 

Some benefits of SIGHT:

  • Connect with local Mensans (e.g. Dinner invitations, social meeting etc.)
  • Get travel tips and advices (e.g. best accomodations, best places to visit, top 10 food to try etc.)
  • Find lodging with local Mensans*

Our Malaysian SIGHT officer can be contacted at here.

Note: SIGHT is not an immigration / job placement agency nor a source for long-term (or permanent) accomodation. Everyone is a volunteer here. :)
To get in touch with SIGHT coordinators in other countries, please head over to Mensa International.

*depends on the availability of hosts



How can I volunteer?

There are several ways to volunteer for SIGHT. Volunteers can help by:

  1. Providing information and advice for visiting Mensans (best time to showcase our Malaysian hospitality ;) )
  2. Meeting up / entertaining visiting Mensans (also serves as a touch point for knowledge transfer between cultures)
  3. Providing accomodation to visiting Mensans (be it a comfy bed or a couch)

In all circumstances, visiting Mensans are expected to pay for their own expenses. 

SIGHT Malaysia, is in the process of publishing more information pertaining to screening process, reimbursements/expenses, application for visitors and application for hosts (lodging).